Coffee Kisses


One of my earliest memories of baking feasts was our Wednesday afternoon tea dates at Anne Kent’s. Mam and Anne were close friends for years and as long as I remember used to visit each other every Wednesday without fail. One Wednesday at ours straight after school, next Wednesday at Anne’s.  All through Primary School it was one of the highlights of our week – both were very very good bakers and we were spoiled with an amazing feast each week – Apple tarts, scones, homemade jams, crumbles, coffee cakes, cheesecakes (always made from a box, with tinned mandarin segments on top) boxed lemon meringue pies, pavlovas, mince pies & chunks of Christmas cake, tea bracks, and always Ritz crackers with cheese. I know we dreamed of Anne Kent’s coffee biscuits / cookies / didn’t really know what they were called melt in the mouth delicacies and I’d obviously never thought of asking for the recipe when I was 11 or 12 years old.

The years passed, we moved onto secondary school, they continued the visits with their ‘second families’ of younger siblings and then finally got to have tea and cake on their own again when we all moved on through weddings, children, new houses, new jobs and life with all its ups and downs. Anne was there all through it.

I had totally forgotten about these visits until my mother in law (hi Ann!) gifted me her BeRo book in recent years.


As I flicked through it, past recipes for Vol au Vents, Dundee cake and Battenberg  that came with BeRo flour I couldn’t believe my eyes as I turned to the page 14 and there they were!! They’re called coffee kisses!! Anne Kent’s coffee kisses! Very very simple to make as it turns out and almost like French macroons. In memory of Wednesday afternoon best friends.


The Recipe is very simple:






IMG_0015IMG_0016Remember to checkout the home page to see if anything else takes your fancy!


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