Salmon en Croute with Rocket, Orange & Cream Cheese


Coming into the Christmas cooking / baking / eating season I often find that the big meals are taken care of, there is much planning, turning of pages, bookmarking websites, cutting and pasting in recipe collections and scrap books. What sometimes gets left is the other 12 days of Christmas – the “not Christmas day” yet days and the “not New Year yet but I have a load of extra people on holiday to feed” days. These are the days you want something tasty, that appears to show you have put a bit of effort in but that wont interrupt your Roses and movies afternoons on the sofa too much. This is perfect – you can have bought the salmon before Christmas and frozen it, the other ingredients are very easy to get your hands on in the dead days of supermarkets running low on exotic stock. There’s really not much more to add to this other than it is exactly what is says in the title.

Note: I usually make them up as individual en croutes – they are quite rich and we often have some left over which are lovely cold for lunch the next day. The original recipe in a BBC Good Food Easy Entertaining Book called for one long side of salmon all to be encased in puff pastry, which could then be sliced for each person present and probably wouldn’t be quite as rich.


(to serve 4)

4 salmon darnes, skin off.

4 large tablespoons cream cheese

Large handful of rocket (Cress is also very good)

Rind of one orange

Sheet of puff pastry

1 egg, lightly whipped


  • Preheat oven to 180C
  • Mix the cream cheese, finely chopped rocket and rind of orange in a bowl.


  • Roll out the pastry to fit the salmon darne. (Roll out a long strip if you are using one whole side of salmon) Place the salmon on the pastry.


  • Spread a good tablespoon of the mixture on the salmon.


  • Fold, seal and ‘paint’ in egg wash.



  • Bake for 40 mins & serve.



(You could make a sauce to accompany the parcels but I find it rich enough without. I usually serve with baby new potatoes and greens of some sort. Do NOT serve a big pie or tart for dessert – something very light would work better!)


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