Crab, Avocado & Coriander Christmas Salad


How does crab salad become “Christmas Crab Salad”? Well, because it has been our Christmas starter/appetizer for probably the past 8 years. How boring, you might think but every year as I wonder and plan what to do for starter this year, this always ticks all the boxes.

Prepare ahead, check.

Tasty tasty tasty. Check.

No preparation AT ALL on Christmas day. Check.

Takes up a small space in the fridge. Check.

So it has become our Christmas starter. I am very lucky as we go to Dads for the Christmas Dinner each year – many happy memories, with a touch of Ground Hog day thrown in – can it actually be a year since we sat in exactly the same places, eating pretty much the same food. Much as I like to experiment with our Thanksgiving dinner, we tend to stick to tradition and take comfort from eating the same meal that we, as a family,  have shared over the years. There have been many many happy Christmas dinners, people have come and joined our family meal and sadly people have left the table. But there is something strangely anchoring after a year of cross country highs and injury lows, new jobs, same old jobs, graduations, new schools, holidays and reunions, trips to Normandy, Belgium and Adamstown, to sit down once again as a family, draw breath,  pull a cracker and eat Christmas Dinner once more.

This Crab Salad is adapted from a Darina Allen recipe – she serves it in little Filo Pastry cups (she squashes three of four filo pastry squares into a buttered muffin tin, each new square at an angle to the last so you end up with a flower petal effect) but we eat it on Christmas day with a simple green salad, maybe a few baby tomatoes, a couple of slices of sweet juicy cucumber and a couple of slices of brown soda bread on the side.

(I only had a lemon the day I made it, tastes very good too but lime definitely better)


(to serve 6)

1lb crab

3 dessert spoons mayonaise

2 chopped ripe avocados, tossed in lime juice.

Rind of lime

1/2 cucumber chopped

Generous bunch of coriander chopped




  • Place the crab, coriander, lime rind and coriander in a bowl, cover with refrigerate until just before serving.
  • Chop the avocado and soak in the lime juice just before serving. Add to the crab mixture.


  • Serve.



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