Paprika Prawns


Its the weekend again Thank God! It’s been wet and wild and still is – rain & floods of biblical proportions outside. So perfect weather for cooking favourite dinners and getting around to baking some treats from Dorie’s book. We’re on first name terms now. (see previous post to see what my new favourite book ever is!)  In the meantime…..

This has to be one of the easiest starters / suppers ever. I think it started out as Jamie Oliver’s take on Prawn Cocktail from “Ministry of Food” but is now one of our “go to” Saturday evening starters. We went through a phase of having it every Saturday, needed a break from it, forgot all about it and then I remembered it last Saturday again! The result was as lovely as I’d remembered.

Word of warning on the Paprika. Do NOT use hot Paprika in this (as I did the first time I served it to my dad, who already has pretty strong feelings on messing around with fresh prawns – I did not change his mind after my super spicy efforts totally ruined the prawns!) Use sweet Spanish Paprika and make sure you season well with salt also, or else it will end up a little bland. Seasoned properly it is divine!


(serves 2)

1lb cooked prawns (I usually buy a frozen bag & defrost)

4 tablespoons self raising flour, well seasoned with salt


crème fraîche  to serve



  • Dry off the prawns after defrosting in kitchen paper. Toss in the seasoned flour.



  • Heat enough oil in a pan to shallow fry the prawns.


  • Place the prawns in the HOT oil one by one as quickly as you can. (I have tossed them in and stirred them around but all I end up with is a stodgy floury prawney mess – not pleasant!)  Sprinkle generously with paprika.


  • Turn individually after 2/3 mins. Make sure they don’t burn.


  • Sprinkle again with Paprika – both sides have now been sprinkled. Fry for another 2/3 mins.
  • Divide between two plates, serve with spoonful of crème fraîche . Its that easy.






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