Hot Crab Dip

Seoul was where I discovered the ‘Pot Luck’ Dinner. We lived in Seoul, South Korea for four years where we worked for an amazing school called Seoul Foreign School. Its one of the oldest, most prestigious schools in Asia, opened up in 1912 and follows an American Curriculum. We all lived ‘on campus’ up on ‘the hill’ in Yonhi Dong, a beautiful leafy suburb in the huge city of Seoul. We spent four very happy years there, our son was born there and many many dinners were shared with the amazing teachers that worked there, many became very close friends.

hphoto2So back to the Pot Luck Dinner. Most of the teachers were American and brought with them this wonderful (why don’t we do it here!!) concept. Someone brings starter, maybe two or three people bring mains then a couple bring dessert. The host often just provides drinks. (That’s how organised mine anyway!) Many many amazing dishes were discovered at these meals as you tended to bring your favourite dish, something which had stood up to the Pot Luck test before. Family recipes were shared and swopped, everyone generously gave up their best dishes. And this is where someone brought this crab dish. I think it may have been Holly Ratz who started it? And she probably would say ‘that’s not exactly how I do it’ because these Pot Luck things have a habit of evolving and changing, chinese whisper style. There must be at least 12 people who now claim this as one of their specialties, (I certainly do), but it was passed on down through the pot luck dinner tree, it may have started in Kansas, Kentucky, Colarado or Boston…. I don’t know, but here it is, now on the other side of the world. The easiest, most impressive and tasty Hot Crab Dip. Great for a party or served as I did this Sunday as a starter.



  • 500g fresh crab. (secret admission, we used crab sticks blended in Korea and it still tasted good!)
  • Bundle of scallions / spring onions chopped
  • 4oz cheese grated
  • two large spoons mayonaise


  • Mix all ingredients in a microwavable bowl. (It can be ‘cooked’ in the oven too but the microwave is so much easier)

grated cheese


  • Zap (yes, that’s a word!) in microwave for about 3 minutes. Check to see if its heated and hot all the way through – heat a little more if needed. (every microwave is different)
  • Serve! Usually I just leave it in the casserole dish and everyone takes what they want. Or if serving as a starter, with brown bread.



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