Crab Crumble

crab bake finished

We are so lucky in this part of Ireland to have access to the freshest, tastiest fish I have tasted anywhere. We eat quite a lot of fish – its usually something quick, easy to prepare and so so tasty. Lots of bang for your buck! We are very fortunate to have the brilliant and award winning Ronans Fishshop three miles from us and we are regular visitors. This Crab crumble is such a weekly staple that it got to the point that they will keep fresh crab for me if it is running low without any arrangement – I am such a regular weekly crab buyer! This is  incredibly quick to assemble  – 15 minutes from walking in the door,  you can be sitting with this hot tasty dinner, buttery Garlic Baguette on the side and an ice cold, crisp glass of something white. Heaven on a Thursday night. (Thursday night is crab night FYI in this house!) The only thing about it is as I go to actually write it down, its not an EXACT recipe – I originally saw it or a version of it from Fishy Fishy restaurant in Cork, its now evolved into a slosh of this, handful of that – you seriously just cant get it wrong with so few ingredients, they all taste so good together. This is for two for dinner – you could make them smaller for a starter & probably get 4 out of these amounts. Or make it up as one and serve it buffet style.


500g Fresh Crab meat

400ml cream

1 lemon

large bunch fresh parsley

2 large handfuls breadcrumbs

4 oz butter



  • Gently heat the cream, 2 oz of the butter & the juice of half a lemon
  • Meanwhile melt the remaining 2oz butter, stir fry the breadcrumbs, grated rind of the lemon and chopped parlsey
  • Divide the crab between two dishes
  • Pour the warm cream & butter on top

crab 3

  • Cover with the toasted breadcrumbs

crab bake 1

(they can be prepared ahead and kept in the fridge until you need to serve at this stage)

  • Bake for 12 minutes in 180C oven (the exact time Garlic bread also needs!!)

crab bake finished




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