REAL Spaghetti Carbonara

Despite cooking & eating our way through days and weeks and years of dinners, presenting the kids with Indian Curries, Arabic Mezze, Korean Bulgogi, Japanese Sushi, elaborate Bolognese sauces that require bottles of wine & hours of simmering, insisting they taste Beef Bourguignons, Seared Scallops & Crab bakes they always, ALWAYS ask for one dish only if given a choice. The simple Spaghetti Carbonara. And I mean simple simple Carbonara. No cream, green bits, lemon or fancy additions. Carbonara the way it should be. And it really does taste good if I do say so myself!


(to serve 2)

3 Egg Yolks,

Chunk of Parmesan

4/5 slices of Parma Ham


  • Put spaghetti on to cook
  • Crisp up the Parma Ham for 2/3 mins on each side, then chop up quite small
  • grate the Parmesan and stir into the egg yolks
  • stir in 3/4 dessert spoons of the hot spaghetti water into the egg yolk mixture
  • stir into the drained cooked spaghetti
  • sprinkle with the chopped Parma Ham

Et Vóila!

photo 2


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