Visitors from the Wesht (& Middle East)

So our long time friends from out west of the Shannon are coming today after lunch for a couple of days. We have been doing these return trips for the past 16 years, through babies, new jobs, promotions, disappointments, weddings and celebrations, deaths and the wild roller coaster that comes with following Mayo and Wexford.

SO what I’m planning this morning is…… FOOD! I’ve got the main meals planned – top your own homemade pizzas & beers tonights, hoping to do a full Arabic meal tomorrow night courtesy of my favourite book of the moment, Jerusalem: (we met and lived in Kuwait – not a completely random selection, not that I’m against the random theme night, as our annual Thanksgiving Dinner proves!)

More of that tomorrow. But its the baking that I have to think of this morning – I’m thinking Flapjacks  to start with? Mmm. My fail safe list of essentials includes Lemon Drizzle Cake (Nigella), Toffee Shortcake (Mam), Chocolate cake (Nigella)  (Ive kind of had enough of rich chocolate cake for now), Chocolate Brownie (Nigel Slater) or my new favourite white chocolate cookies from BBC Food. What to do?! Ill have to have a think. And perhaps consult with my chief adviser, #2 child. The one who will tell me EXACTLY what she thinks.


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