The very first post!

I’m going to use this blog as an online diary of cooking and baking mainly – so I can flick back through myself to remind myself of lovely dinners, friends, family and life here in the Blue Door Cafe, Chez Rogers!

I’ve (well #1 husband) just set up my lovely new MacBook Air which is just dying to be typed on and am also missing #1 child who is away learning Irish for the next couple of weeks. Stress Baking has left me / us with mountains of cake – I now realize how much child #1 eats. The fridge is also full of milk two days later, washing reduced to once every two days as opposed to every hour…. I miss him:(

So the past two days were a bit of a cake fest – starting Tuesday morning (the day #1 left us) with Mary Berrys Whole Orange and Cinnamon Cake.

Spiced whole orange cake with orange mascarpone icing

I baked it as a tray bake instead – worked really well, for 38 mins. Then I used the cream cheese frosting from BBC…

Its not as sweet as normal frosting (but actually this cake needs it to be a bit sweeter. In my opinion.

Then yesterday the Deise visitors called and chocolate cake had been promised so chocolate cake was baked! My all time favourite, after trying MANY chocolate cakes is always Nigellas (curtesy everyone) Chocolate Fudge cake – the Chocolate Cake cake to beat all other Chocolate Cakes. Despite #1 & #2 often telling me its almost as good as Betty Crocker to annoy me)…. just look at this: (which incidently is not exactly how mine looked after a the bottom layer collapsed in on itself after a dodgy cut)


The ‘frosting’ (it will always be icing to me) is about double what I do – I find a good dollop in the middle, followed by a generous dollop on top is just right.

And the success of both cakes measured by looking at my counter right now – not a crumb of Chocolate cake left (despite it collapsing following a dodgy cut by #1 husband last night) and Im still palming the slightly unsweet orange cake off on dad. Who loves it it must be said.

So there I go! My first blog post!


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